Manufactured by Ernest Bennett & Co (Darlington) Ltd:

  • TCT Panel and Scoring Sawblades to match
  • TCT Ferrous and non Ferrous Sawblades
  • A wide variety of standard TCT Sawblades
  • General purpose Sawblades
  • Grooving Sawblades
  • Upvc designed Sawblades
  • Bespoke design Sawblades to customer requirements

Our Circular Sawblade range shows a comprehensive range of blades, using a high quality of materials. Whether they are PCD, TCT or Stellite we produce to the highest quality. Using state of the art laser technology in the manufacture of the saw bodies, robotic technology ensures state of the art accuracy and consistency in the manufacture of our products. This manufacturing process enables cutting accuracy for longer periods due to our extremely tight tolerances. Reduced resonances within the plate of the saw gives benefits in many cutting applications using “Q” Saw (quiet running) technology.

Contact us today to begin designing your bespoke circular saws. While based in County Durham we operate throughout the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Unlike most manufacturing facilities we have installed a brand new trade counter for your one stop shopping point for our equipment.